Daniel Dias
Only 90+


  Ton amour, c'est moi!

Welcome to...

...the place where the fake green eyes are replaced by the true red ones. It is better, because it is real. Sadness is the true feeling: it shows who we really are. Hapiness, instead, will cheat you until you fall and be swallowed by your own mistakes. Nevertheless, go on, but do not fall in love. Love will erode you softly, but if you still wish to try it, I am a very good option to your heart.

Important tip: never drop nasal solution on your eyes, even by mistake. It can hurt them, as much as the light does.

This is Daniel Dias' home page. Here you will find some information about him and his activities. Use the menu above and surf around! Do not forget to sign in to this page and to leave your comments on "contact me" menu.

Bon courage!


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